About Us

Fantastic Fiber from Happy Sheep delivered from Bits of Ewe right to your door. Raw and Specialty fleece and Blue faced Leicester Locks for spinning. Organic wool dye and handspun yarn for knitting. Making all crafters happy since 1999.

Who We Are

Broken Crook Farm started out as a meat sheep entity where sheep were raised to train border collies but as everyone always say; People who don’t like sheep don’t have sheep. 18 years later I find myself involved with numerous fleece breeds trying to produce interesting fleece for hand spinners.

That being said….turns out I just love sheep. There is no end to the interesting fleece one can “make” by crossing this and that and the improvements that a single ram will bring to your registered flock. Ive worked by my way through numerous breeds and found that my “spirit” breeds are Blue Faced Leicester and Border Leicester so those have become my signature breeds. I also own a smattering of Shetland, Gotland, and Wenslydale plus some hot crosses produced by each and one lone Merino, left over form that part of my sheep journey.

I still train & trial border collies but my views on sheep and their uses have changed over the years. All the fleeces at Broken Crook Farm are lovingly raised. The oldest sheep are pushing 17 years old this year and I have generations of daughters so have watched the fleece improve over the years. 

I maintain a mixed flock of around 75 ewes and produce about 100 lambs a season. Some of those lambs go off to start other bands and some stick around to produce the next generation.

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What We Do

We produce about 1000 pounds of wool annually from a select group of sheep. In the interest of preselling my wool we came to the “subscription” service. We landed on a build your own set up because fiber artists are very specific in what they want and what they need for their projects. We wanted a program where a person could “try” a bit of fleece without making a huge monetary commitment but also a store where you could get more if you ended up loving it.

In addition to the fleece, we are toying with a group of handmade natural dyes made from garden plants and other items.

All fleece and dyes are ethically sourced in the Western United States from small family farms. Your monthly subscription will contain an introduction card talking about the farm and the fleece. Not all fleece is produced at Broken Crook Farm some is obtained from small family farms whose passion is that breed of sheep and we will offer additional fleece from that farm in the store.

You will find Roving, handspun yarn, and other essentials in the store too. All items are produced by farmers and spun, carded or washed by local artists. There are limited quantities of “add on” dyed locks, raw locks, mohair, and other specialty items from time to time so make sure you check out the store regularly. Understand that it takes the better part of a year to grow this stuff so not everything is available all the time or in unlimited quantities. If you need a big “lot” drop us a line and we will try to accommodate you or at least put you in touch with a producer who has what you want.

We offer a 50/50 spinning trade for qualified spinners so if you are interested in some contract spinning drop us a line. Contract Spinners receive a set amount of wool, the producer pays for shipping and growing the wool, the spinner washes, spins and returns the wool for 50% of the finished product. It’s a great way to get a lot of wool for not much money if you have the time to spin.

We will also allow you to sell your finished product on our website. You must provide high quality photos and specifics along with pricing. You will be responsible for shipping the orders which will come to you in an email. Bits of Ewe will handle the payment for a small fee and send you a monthly check.

If you have a question or comment or want to find out more about the producers or any program don’t hesitate to send us a message. Meet us in person at Fiber Market Day, Black Sheep Gathering, & Trailing of the Sheep in 2022.